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Adp software for logistic operators


Adp manages the logistics of the operators clients processes, documenting and optimising them. Adp constantly adapts to market requirements which makes it and essential tool for any logistic operator.

Users benefit from the quantity of our software to improve and offer new services to their client, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and increasing productivity. Adp includes the necessary functions to meet any expectations that a client could have.

Warehouse layout

Intuitive tool for your designing your own warehouse layout. Fully configurable with a wide range of parameters.

Dynamic editing of cells(picking, pallets, preparing areas). The user define input criteria so that the programme automatically allocates goods to each area and optimise the reloading of the picking cells

Client configuration

Each client is different which he means that the operator needs to create new procedures. Adp enables you to set up new clients quickly and easily. You can import data (products, addresses, supplies) to make a quick start. You can set different properties for each company or each product:

- 3 configurable units (pallet, package, unit, kg, m3)
- Expiration dates
- FIFO-FEFO (first in, first out and first expires, first out)
- Lot number control and pallet identification (traceability)
- Weights and volumes

Stock management

Complete control of all stock movements. Wizards to help with data input and to improve processes by taking full advantage of technical and human resources.

Adp allows you to carry out automatic location, improving the use of space in the warehouse. It manages the automatic preparation of picking orders, taking into account the properties of each product (expiration dates, FIFO, status) and proposing the optimum route in the warehouse.

Automatic invoicing

The rates system is extremely flexible and versatile. It includes all aspects of the logistics sector, and you can invoice different services (handling, storage insurance, transport) using several units (pallet, package, kg, m3 document, line)

The prices can be tailor-made to suit each client needs. Once the rate has been entered, the invoice can be generated with a single click


Efficient management which identifies and monitors a logistic unit throughout the whole supply chain. Current European regulations require traceability in some sectors, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Adp manages the identification of each unit (pallet, package) implementing EAN Barcode standards and EDI communication.

Transport is an important aspect in the whole logistic chain. For this reason Adp logs all shipments and informs about possible statuses (en route, delivered, rejected).

This information is available on the internet so the costumer can consult it as often as required. There are several possibilities to enter rates by geographical areas and with different concepts (weight, volume, hours) for each shipping service. The Adp software automatically assigns the most economical shipping service which increases the profitability of each shipment.

System integration

Adp is fully configurable to communicate with any system. The outsourcing of the logistic activity by the client involves the need for systems to communicate.

Integration improves all the processes and reduces errors because it works directly with the client's information. The operator can keep the client up-to-date at all times with the statuses of the orders, either in the warehouse or during transportation.

You can easily manage the transport by communicating with the agencies.
You can print transport labels for the agency and send information about shipments. This process saves time and money.

Radio frequency

Adp allows you to work with barcode readers and carry out warehouse operations in real time. In/outbound orders, inventories and relocations.


Ediaweb is a web application that allows customers to control, visualise in/outbound orders and send new orders from anywhere at any time. Each customer has a username and password to access their data.

Appia.edia reduces telephone calls and errors because the customer sends the orders directly instead of inputting them manually in the system.

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