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Appia.edia is our new web application, with improved compatibility, performance and usability compared to its predecessor Ediaweb. Appia.edia allows better communication between logistic operators and their customers. The logistic operator's customer can check their stock, movements, products and the statuses of their orders and documents, as well as create orders from any place and at any time, and from any device connected to the Internet.

The new interface allows the customer to use the functions of the program more easily. Through a system of tabs, they can view any number of documents or grids simultaneously, enabling faster and more effective management. Each tab shows the type of document or grid open and allows you to change what is being displayed. It is as simple as clicking on the tab that contains the document you want to see.

From these tabs, customers can export the data to Excel and configure the data grids and save them as their default display, for example, using data filters.
Each grid has a set of actions, such as, view documents, add orders, etc. This allows the user to know what possible actions they can use at all times and in a very intuitive way.

The logistic operator can allow their customers to manage their own information. You can grant or block access to certain sections of the website as desired. In this way, you can define precisely which user has access to which sections and data. You can also restrict actions in data grids. All these customisations can be unique to each user, or shared by other users. They can be copied from one user to another.

If it is more convenient for the logistic operator, they can create the user profile "administrator" for their customer. This allows the customer to manage their own users and permissions within the application, without the operator having to intervene at all.

Stock management
Appia.edia enables your customers to view both inbound and outbound stock and movements for their products. They can consult the statuses of their movements and the associated documentation.

You can personalise the viewing of products and movements for each user. For example, you can differentiate stock by department so that each user can only access the stock of their department.

Appia.edia has direct links to the POD (proof of delivery) and shipment documents on the website of the carrier. Appia.edia acts as an intermediary and connects the different carriers allowing customers to view the status of their shipments on a single centralised platform, without having to go to each of the carriers’ platforms, which saves them time and reduces errors.

The new interface allows you to create orders in a very intuitive way. The customer can easily manage the items in their order. In the same way as in other parts of the program, you can manage permissions for a customer when placing an order. Once the user has created an order, it may be sent to the operator, who will receive it immediately. In this way, any errors or incidents on the operator’s part are avoided, since it is the customers themselves who create the orders in the system.

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