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APPIA.trans software for transport management

We develop APPIA.trans an application from managing transport agencies efficiently. It can manage transport made by your own or by agencies.

APPIA.trans is an essential tool for confirming agency invoices. After importing the invoices APPIA.trans checks the shipping service weights and volumes and prices for each shipment according to the tariff.
An ABC analysis of price differences allows you to focus on shipments with the most significant discrepancies.

Do you realise that some agencies offer very competitive prices for certain routes?

Do you realise that an agency's weight intervals can increase the cost of shipments depending on the way the intervals are established you can get better prices at other agencies with different intervals?

For each shipment, APPIA.trans systematically calculates the prices of different agencies and proposes the best one.
Other criteria and restrictions are also analysed such as product characteristics (package/pallet), the agency required by customer, etc.

APPIA.trans imports the shipments from external files created by other applications and chooses a transport agency according to the defined criteria. Afterwards, the transport labels and integration files are generated.

For these tasks, APPIA.trans has an advanced report generator so that the user can define labels and files easily and intuitively.

APPIA.trans offers detailed information about each shipment's and package's status using events which record their different stages These include reading the barcode or package labels, GPS data capturing, status and incident changes data, images, POD, photos.

All data provided by the agencies, in files, are automatically imported as events using the program vggTabula, a robot that you can configure to define tasks and their schedules, such as importing files, printing documents, creating files, etc.

APPIA.trans allows you to configure the access path to the agencies' PODS. This allows the user to see then from inside the application.

Appiaweb is a web application that allows authorised user to track the shipments on the internet. You can monitor the status and incidents of each shipment and their POD. This can be done the company website without accessing the agencies' websites.

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