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Continuous training in our offices
Training 1: Adp, plant processes
  • Navigation, menus and forms.
  • Companies (Operator and clients).
  • Warehouse layout design tool.
  • Forms products, lots (FIFOS and expiration dates, etc.) y classifications (pallet identification, statuses, colours, sizes, etc.).
  • Goods received notes and delivery notes.
  • Order preparation.
  • Internal stock and relocation movements.
Training 2: Adp, invoicing processes
  • Management of the invoiced services (handling, shrink wrapping, palleting, etc.).
  • Tariff management.
  • Invoicing processes.
  • Invoice summary (handling, packaging, transport).
Training 3: Adp Radio, how to configure radiofrequency

  • Goods received at the warehouse.
  • Internal warehouse movements (inventories and relocating).
  • Order preparations.
  • Packing-list.
  • Queries.
  • Set-up barcodes
  • Set-up entry forms
Training 4: Adp, reports
  • Using the wizard to add reports.
  • Sections (header, detail, footer).
  • Functions, variables, conditions and sorting.
  • Report locking.
  • Macros.
  • Duplicating, copying to and pasting from, reports.
  • Setting up printers for reports.
  • Practical example, design your own report.
Training 5: APPIA.trans, transport processes
  • Shipping management.
  • Setting up transport agencies.
  • Tracking.
  • Invoicing procedures. Checking agency invoices.
  • Practical examples.
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